Via Fang

Via Fang


Via Fang, young artist represented by, graduated from Edinburgh College of Art, UK, in June 2011 with her Master of Fine Arts and Illustration degree, is a very talented illustrator ever since her teenage years.

She started her art career in 2003 as an illustrator for Business Today Magazine, China Times Weekly Magazine, Wild Grapes Literature Magazine and PC Home Magazine, as well as the cover designer of several books for adult and children in Taiwan.

As Via pursue her graduate school education in Edinburgh, she continued her enlightened but dark-toned artworks on a number of books such as Sweet Desires and Soft Thoughts in Garlic & Sapphires, Wee Red Herring – Edinburgh College of Art Magazine and the “Big Green Makeover” Project; finally she became an Artist in Residence of Edinburgh College of Art.

If you’re interested in collecting Via Fang’s original works or having her work on your art project or publication, please contact


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