Welcome to Puomo.com!

Puomo.com is a marketing company envisioning the future of digital publishing.

We work with authors and artists to publish their works on mobile media while collaborating with publishers to make digital books or magazines. We also revive older publications suitable for digital platforms.

Puomo.com helps clients to think strategically in the digital media age. Publishers and content providers need holistic strategies covering mobile apps, online media, paper publishing, advertising and organizational restructuring. We can help.

Digital Rights and Artist Agent
We promote artists, writers and their works. Artists working with Puomo.com will be offered opportunities to publish digital and paper portfolios for the international market and to participate in exhibitions and contests.

Visit our digital publications and artists for more.

We love books, arts and digital media. We’d like them to play in harmony, and that’s where Puomo.com comes in.


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