Read Taiwanese comics on iPad!

Now it’s time to relax and enjoy some comics.

Several months ago, we talked to a group of Taiwanese comic artists who called themselves “TX” and plan to publish a digital version of their compilation of the same name; it hits the shelf at Apple’s App Store today.

Standing for “Taiwan Comix”, the TX group consists of more than a dozen Taiwanese artists who started their careers in as early as 1980s, and some of them have just shown their talents in recent years.

The dynamic mix demonstrates extraordinary power and imagination exclusive to Taiwanese artists, and they have already proved their gifts in renowned exhibitions such as the Angoulême International Comics Festival in France.

Now you can enjoy their fantastic works on iPads in Traditional Chinese and English through the joint force of TX and Puomo Publishing. Starting from TX2, TX3 and TX4 that had been published on paper, future digital editions of TX and works of individual artists will soon follow.

In the world currently dominated by Japanese and American comics, we are striving to offer TX a new digital platform for their fantastic works and to take advantage of the borderless app market for the world to appreciate the style exclusive to Taiwan.

Download the complimentary full trial issue now, and wait for the next TX to come!

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