Shu-fen Chen

Shu-fen Chen

Illustrator, graphic designer and fine arts

Shu-fen Chen was not born artist, but she eventually became one of Taiwan’s best-selling illustrators and comic artists ever. Trained as a stock market clerk, Shu-fen gave up the relatively bland job to pursue her interest in visual creativity.

After marrying Pinfan, also a popular artist, Shu-fen and her husband formed an unparalleled team in Taiwan’s digital art arena. They worked together on book covers, posters, illustrations and online games; while Shu-fen stands out with subtle, feminine characters and Pinfan well known for creating cool but attractive males, they are all masters of light, color and flowing lines of pure oriental style.

Shu-fen started her artist career by drawing Christmas cards and creating book covers for publishers in 1988, but she didn’t reach popular artist status until she designed posters for the Chinese edition of “Tokyo Love Story”, a Japanese comic series, in 1992.

Two decades later, Shu-fen is not only one of the top commercial artists in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, but also among the few Taiwanese illustrators to survive the fiercely competitive Japanese market. She collaborates with Shueisha, Shogakukan, Kodansha, Akita Shoten and Dengeki Manga, among other publishers, on comic series and original artworks.

Over 40 books published in company with Pinfan, Shu-fen Chen fully demonstrates her ability to create a miraculous atmosphere that leads readers into their youthful years and brings back sweet memories.

Pinfan and Shu-fen Chen’s official sites in Chinese and Japanese. represents Shu-fen Chen in areas outside Taiwan, China and Japan. If you’re interested in collecting her original works or having her work on your art project or publication, please contact

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A working day of Shu-fen Chen

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